Mama’s Back is Back

For another 12 weeks- Spots open up for the April 25th Group!

Grab your spot today!

This is for you mama! This is your chance to really connect with yourself, lose the weight and feel the glowing, ULTIMATE YOU come out!

Mama’s Back is a program for mamas who are looking to lose up to 25 pounds, Gain strength and balance in their body without taking the hours at the gym away from their kids.

In this program you’ll receive:

~a full digital package of stability movements to start with right away, a food guide with food plans (should you choose to use them, Over 100 recipes, journaling and goal setting questions. We will be going over these and breaking them into baby steps.

~Busy mama style meditations (3-5 minutes)

~6 one-on-one training session

~a complimentary membership to a balanced life training classes. 5 Classes a week added that you may attend LIVE or on Demand. The on demand library has over 100 classes to choose from!

~a monthly zoom session with all other participants

Where else can you find all aspects of your health and wellbeing rolled into one?

Hi, I’m Heather and I was where you are now. I was 60 pounds overweight after my second baby. I couldn’t shed it. I was tired and frustrated as a mom. I didn’t like what I saw or the way I felt. I had always been active (I was a dance teacher for goodness sake!). Now I felt like a miserable piece of poo.

Due to a few circumstances that I believe were from a higher power I wound up working the front desk of a gym. Then I was thrown (literally) into teaching yoga. I became certified in that and so much more. I put together my knowledge from dance and my trainings and was finally able to feel better about myself and lose the weight. The stress came off (or I knew how to handle it better).

I came up with Mama’s Back to help other moms do the same! From one mama to another…..I get it. Time is a limited resource which is why everything I do is busy mama style. It’s to give YOU a chance to feel like the amazing person you are!

If you’d like to join the April group click here to schedule a call! Let’s see if we are a fit!

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