Reclaim your body through a customized & holistic fitness strategy !!!

The New MAMA’S BACK is HERE!!!

I help sassy, working mamas reclaim their body and energy through a custom & holistic fitness strategy so they can THRIVE and still have energy left at the end of the day to do the things they love!

This program is for you if you….

~You need to change 59 times before leaving the house because nothing feels comfortable or looks right

~you avoid mirrors because you can’t stand the sight of yourself naked

~if you cry yourself to sleep at night because you feel terrible and you can’t understand why your body won’t cooperate with you.

~you desire to feel comfortable, confident and strong in your own body, mind and skin without worrying what others think. You’re happy to get dressed and go out!

~you crave the youthful energy to be able to keep up with your children and your life!!

In this program you will find all the that will keep you successful long after the 12 weeks are over. You can sustain the healthy habits for life!

This program focuses on working from the inside out. Working for maximum energy through fueling the body with foods YOUR body needs to stay energized throughout your day.

We work on activating the muscles in the order they are meant to be activated! This means working from the center out! That center is your breath, your sun and all of your emotions rolled into one! We start and then build out muscle group by muscle group until you can move the whole body with ease and energy!

We also focus on posture and alignment. Alignment is key to longevity of the joints and ligaments. I mean…..who really wants to get hurt playing with the kids?

Inside this program you will receive;

✨ A full pre-course module with stability movements to start with right away, a food guide, over 100 recipes, weekly food plans (should you choose to use them), journaling questions and goal setting questions(this is a baby step program. We will be breaking those goals down one on one to bite sized pieces).

✨ Weekly modules with movement, meditations busy mama style (3-5 minutes), journaling questions, beginner’s lessons if it’s a class you’ve never taken before. There are 13 modules.

✨ 6 One on one sessions to answer any questions and give you movements and exercises specific to your needs.

✨ A membership to A Balanced Life Training Classes- 11 classes a week 30-45 minutes each. You can get on LIVE or take them On Demand.

✨ Full Access to me Monday-Saturday via DM or Voxer Chat.

✨ Monthly Zoom with everyone in the group- To answer any questions or listen to a speaker! (This will be scheduled according to a group consensus). NEW GROUP STARTS IN NEXT January 31st!!!

Book your no pressure chat. Let’s look at your desires and see if you are a fit!

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