Eating Habits Harmony

Hey busy beautiful mamas!!


It’s here!!! The 21 days that will change your life!!!

Are you ready to find some harmony with your eating habits and relationship to food?

If You’re confused  with all the information out there about what to eat…

How to eat…

When to eat…

“Should you eat before a workout? Well… long before?” ‍♀️

“What about after? Is there a best time?” ‍♀️

“Do you need to eat 3 times or 6 times a day?”

There’s all sorts of information out there on how to eat “right”.

 And that’s why I’m running the Eating Habits Harmony Challenge!

How many times have you been on a diet only to rebound after you stopped and gained all the weight back? Maybe even more!

 ‍♀️Do you know why?

When you try to change everything all at once, it’s overwhelming.

Your mind is overwhelmed and your body has NO idea wtf is going on! It just knows it can’t survive like this so, you fall off the diet.

Changing things one habit at a time can make the lasting changes you are looking for!

 The Eating Habits Harmony Challenge is 21 days of building healthy habits and relationships around food! By changing one habit at a time, you will be able to keep the changes you make forever.

Best part is….you will learn to make these changes on your own in the future to continue on the path to a beautiful life of healthy eating and fueling your body for energy!

21 days of support from a coach (me!) and a beautiful community of women sounds great doesn’t it?!

This is one of those life changing events.

I use this approach with all my clients and I am so glad to share this piece with you!

 Challenge starts May 23rd. The cut off date to enter is May 18th.

It’s just $57 for 21 days of coaching.

You will be a part of a private facebook group,

Receive guidance on how to make the changes that will stick,

and I’ll be in there answering all your questions and you can reach out if you need help!

And if you’ve been in my space for any amount of time you know…

There will be some busy mama style (3-5 minute) meditations as extra guidance!

You can add an extra week of support for $12: Make it 4 weeks and have a fourth habit under your belt!

If you would like full 1:1 support, you can upgrade to full Voxer access and private coaching throughout the program for $227. 

Let me know which option fits you best by clicking the link below!

Are you ready to make some lasting changes in your life?

Join us here!

See you on the inside!

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