12 Week Mama's Back Coaching Program

Don't feel bad for wanting to change your body.

Wanting to change your body doesn't mean you resent the very thing that created the little human you love so much!

I created Mama's Back for moms looking to lose up to 25 pounds, gain confidence and strength, and have the energy to hang with your children and grandchildren.

This 12 Week Program is for you if you...

need to change 59 times before leaving the house because nothing feels comfortable or looks right.

avoid mirrors because you can’t stand the sight of yourself naked.

cry yourself to sleep at night because you feel terrible and you can’t understand why your body won’t cooperate with you.

desire to feel comfortable, confident and strong in your own body, mind and skin without worrying what others think. Happy to get dressed and go out!

crave the youthful energy to be able to keep up with your children and your life!!

This program may last only 12 weeks, but you can choose to sustain the healthy habits for life.

"In April 2021 I was not only at my rock bottom, but I was just laying there with no intention of getting myself out of the hole I was deep into. I was miserable, physically, mentally, and emotionally. My weight was the highest it had been since I was 9 months pregnant, I was just diagnosed with Diabetes, I was stressed all the time at work and at home. I truly could not find any joy in my life, I was constantly overeating, exercising was existent but not as much as it should be, and I was taking absolutely no time for myself. Then (...) Heather's program has helped me to make changes in my life that are going to stick with me well past the 12 weeks of the program. She combines nutrition, exercise, meditation, and an overall mind-body connection. This has made me dig deep into my emotions and look at my relationship with food. I am trying new types of exercise and finding out that I am more capable than I ever could have imagined. I have more energy and overall feel so much better."

- Louise

Focus Areas:

Working Out Starts Inside

Fueling with Food

Muscular Activation


Posture & Alignment

How does Mama's Back work?

When you enroll, you'll receive...

A comprehensive digital package with stability movements to start with right away, a food guide, over 100 recipes, weekly food plans (should you choose to use them), journaling questions and goal setting questions (this is a baby step program. We will be breaking those goals down one on one to bite sized pieces).

3 to 5 minute "Busy Mama" Weekly Workouts, Journal Prompts & Meditations - I do these "busy mama" style (3 to 5 minutes), journaling questions, and include beginner’s lessons if it’s a class you’ve never taken before

6 Private Coaching Sessions to answer any questions and give you movements and exercises specific to your needs.

Complimentary Lifetime Membership to A Balanced Life Training OnDemand - 11 classes a week 30-45 minutes each. You can get on LIVE or take them On Demand.

Voxer & Text Support in Between Sessions

Monthly Zoom with Other Program Participants - Tune in to ask questions or listen to a speaker! (This will be scheduled according to a group consensus.)

Your best first step is to schedule a call below!

I would love to hear from you to see if we're a fit.
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