21 Day Meditation Challenge for Busy Moms

It’s time to calm your body and your mind.

You’re tired of the tornado your brain makes!

It’s time to break through a few blocks that are keeping you feeling stuck in the daily struggle!

You’re done with looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person looking back!

It’s time to breathe into that center and ignite that fire inside.

You’re done with hiding parts of yourself.

You’re ready to truly value yourself for who YOU are.

21 days of meditation and optional journaling prompts.

A private facebook group to talk with other mamas who are going through the same feelings, emotions and mental blocks.

A 15 minute call each week with yours truly to discuss anything from the meditations or blocks you come up against!

Let’s evoke that person inside that’s been hiding and let her out!

Join me with the link below! Starts August 29th, 2022!

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