12 Week Mama’s Back Training

I have a 12 week program to help you lose up to 25 lbs, Gain Confidence, Strength and Balance in your Mind, Body and Spirit without guilt!

In order to do this you need 3 things!

  1. Harness those emotions!!! I teach women how to harness their emotions and use them to their advantage no matter what that emotion is. We use these emotions to find breath, gain strength in body, mind and spirit. This leads to gaining confidence by getting rid of those negative beliefs around their past and move forward into finding a balance in their identity. Being able to identify emotions and use them in a positive outlet helps to release these things and teaches a strategy for long term success. 
  2. Breath and Core– I use breath as a catalyst for all workouts! Breath is directly related to the core and the center of the body. Using the breath to your advantage helps the energy flow to the areas it is needed most. You will feel the energy flow from your center to the part of the body you’re working. This helps give long, lean muscles and causes weight loss. When you don’t use the breath as a catalyst it makes it so much harder to work out. Most people tend to hold their breath and let’s face it, nothing works without oxygen. When you hold your breath you stifle that energy produced by the core that radiates out into the torso and limbs. Without that energy working out feels 1,000 times harder and a lot less fun. You can’t do as many repetitions and get tired faster.You don’t get a full workout and cut short what you actually can accomplish when you harness the breath
  3. Alignment and Strength

My program also focuses on the correct muscles for preventing and reducing injury and postural alignment. When the core is activated correctly it absorbs the shock of both the upper and lower body. As you begin to add in correctly activating the glute (butt) muscles and rotators in the hips you will find that you stand up straighter and the body is much more agile in changing directions. Shoulder stability work will help you as you pick up your kids or grandkids using the correct muscles instead of just using the lower back. As you learn to work the body as a whole, align it and make adjustments you will be preventing a lot of potential damage that may come in the future. 

It works by combining the right balance of training modalities with breathwork, core work and food intake to create lasting habits that make you happy to workout.

I have helped so many women from age 30-75 lose weight, become strong and flexible again and gain their confidence back while balancing their identity. These women came from all different backgrounds.

Nancy was a tough cookie who worked behind a desk at a police department for 30 years and just wanted to play with her grandchildren. She had gained so much weight and had lost mobility. Within 3 months she was on the floor with her grandchildren.

Kate had the mommy belly and had a child 6 months before. She lost her mommy belly and gained core strength that she never had. She now actually enjoys working out and uses it as her release from the stress of work and family. 

My program is different from everything else out there because it teaches you how to turn your breath and emotions into a powerful tool for working out.

Unlike other programs that give you a workout but never explain the intricacies of the movements and where each one originates, I do teach you all of it step by step so you can get the results you deserve!!!

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Leah says “Heather is one of the best trainers I’ve worked with. She identifies your strengths and helps you grow emotionally and physically. Working out with her is like therapy for me.

Before working out with her I would feel weak and defeated. I would fall back into the vicious cycle of self sabotage.

I’ve learned now what I’m capable of and have never felt stronger!”

I am here to help you reach your goal. Whether that goals is to lose weight, or feel confident in your own body again.

If you’d like to learn a little more before booking a call, I have a 5 Step Formula to Feeling Gorgeous in Every Outfit Workshop on 8/31/21@730pm EST. We will be talking about breath in your workouts and in life. Plus using the core to maximize workouts and nutrition keys for success!

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Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I am here to help! Shoot me an email at heather@abalancedlifetraining.com

Have a beautiful day!

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